Vacuum Cleaner Water Filter System

Have you come up with a water vacuum cleaner and thinking of how water vacuum cleaner filter system works? If you are thinking too much, we can bet that questions are scrambling your head back and forth. Well, no worries, that’s the reason we’re here to back you up. 

First off, if we separate between a regular vacuum and water vacuum cleaner, well, the main difference is it uses water filtration. A unique quality of the water filter vacuum is that it will not lose suction even though it filters more things than usual vacuum cleaner. 

Still, going over your head? Well, no worries. Today, we’re here to explain what a water vacuum cleaner is and how a vacuum cleaner water filter system works.

Now, sounds great? Let’s check it out.

What is a water vacuum cleaner?

We may have regularly heard of vacuum cleaner, now time to know about a water vacuum cleaner.

A water vacuum cleaner is also known as a water filter vacuum cleaners or water filtration vacuum cleaners. Besides, they are the people’s choice as powerful vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, a water vacuum cleaner is recognized different from others with its one of the special features, water filtration vacuum system. The system uses air to suck up the dirt and debris, and then all of it is filtered by using water rather than any physical filter which we see in regular vacuums.

The water vacuum cleaner is intended to filter dust in a better way by its cleaning power than regular vacuums. When the whole process is completed and the air is about to come out from the vacuum, the air feels very clean, and no trace of debris and pathogens.

 How does a vacuum cleaner water filter system work?

You have the option to choose a water vacuum with water tank instead of a regular vacuum. But why would you? The water vacuums trap the dirt in a water tank instead of a conventional bin or a bag. The air goes into the water, and the dirt gets held in a sort of solution. The air becomes moist, leaving the tank, which is then spun round to remove the water, similar to Dyson. This process produces clean, which flows back into the room.

Let us talk about how a vacuum cleaner water filter system works a bit.

  • The air is sucked inside through the dusting brush bar. There is a powerful motor inside that draws the air through the water tank.
  • Inside is where the dirt gets trapped. In the tank, the moist air keeps going. Inside, the vacuums have plastic plates. The air crosses that too.
  • The plastic plate tools separate the water droplets from the air, which carries them. Then the water drips down again into the tank.
  • With this, we get dry and clean air quality that brings out through an outlet on the top of the vacuum cleaner.

Benefits of Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners

You’ll get to see multiple type of vacuum cleaner with multiple features, but they all lack in the filtration. But as you have water as the filter, you don’t need to purchase replacement filters. You only have to clean out the canister tub after you throw out the water. Make sure that the water is clean and you are ready to go.

So, as we are speaking of water filter vacuum cleaners, why don’t we look at the benefits that you will get?

Now, let’s see the benefits.

  • No Loss of Suction

In regular vacuums, the vacuum loses the power of suction when the  bag or canister is full. You need to empty the cleaner bag to keep cleaning. But you won’t face this case with the water filtration vacuum cleaners.

You remove the dilemma and consequences of clogged filters by watching where the water traces the dirt. You don’t need to think about washing or losing suction or removing filters, commonly speaking.

Also, the water is able to retain more dirt. You’ll hold more garbage compared to normal vacuums until you replace the water.

  •  Great for Everyday Spills

Sometimes regular vacuums are stuck in cleaning spilt water or milk, but this is a great advantage of using the water vacuum cleaner. You don’t get to do that in an ordinary vacuum cleaner with a paper filter or the bag ones.

  • Great For Allergies and Purifying Air

Water filtration happens to pick tiny to the tiniest dirt and dust particles it can catch. Unlike other filters, these vacuum cleaners don’t let any dust particle to escape in the air again. One of the greatest sources of allergy comes from dust and debris, and this water filtration vacuum will trap every dust to save you from allergy.

Nevertheless, make sure the cleaner is sealed while using, as only dirt will get inside the water filter then. This system also purifies air in a heavenly-way.

With regular vacuums, you are to rely on a home odor or scent spray to have nice air in your house. But with the water filtration system, you won’t need such extra hassle.

  •  Pet Hair

Do you want to get rid of clogging and all the clogging hassle of regular vacuums? The filter devices are an excellent choice to trap all the pet hairs. Pet hairs are the notorious thing that gets trapped in clogged filters.

With these water filtration, you can clean all the messes of pet or kids hair.

  •  Clean Rough and Wet Messes

Typical vacuum cleaners or the standard ones don’t always meet the right tools to wipe out tough messes. Well, until you buy a wet and dry vac cleaner that even requires two buckets to pack dry and wet messes. Tough job to accomplish.

But, don’t worry too much. With the water filtration vacuum cleaners, you can clean all wet messes, germs and dust in a moment like snapping a finger and a bag less experience to enjoy. No need for gambling two bins or any changes in other settings.

Why Do We Need The Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaners?

There are possibilities that you could have listened to a concept of “Wet dust can’t move.” Based on that, the vacuums with water filters are the ones that are best suited for cleaning the dirt.

The water filtration vacuum cleaner can clean with diversity and multiple categories of messes. They are also useful when sweeping the trash and gunk without a hitch and let you enjoy a bag less experience.

The water filter vacuums are more energy-intensive than the usual ones. This quality makes them the type of cleaner with great potential.

You might find it difficult to navigate them because you will need to practice caution to be precise when and how you go around; spilling or dropping the vacuums is quite a lot dirtier than ones based on mud.

Last but not least, the water filtration system performs as well as an air filtration cause you get to enjoy a nice odor in the air and free of dirt alongside dust.

Can I Use My Vacuum to Clean Up Water?

We are all familiar with traditional vacuum cleaners more or less, and we are pretty much aware that they don’t suck up water.

Even knowing that if you run your standard vacuum cleaner over a mess of water with some type of standard filters, you own vast possibilities of electrocution, severe damage to your machine and even short circuit.

If you luckily don’t get your machine ruined, then you will be flooded with mess when you are about to clean up the vacuum cleaner bag or bin.

In these circumstances, wet and dry vacuums should be your call because they are specially manufactured and designed to clean water mess without any kind of risk or electrocute. As well, these vacuum cleaners can handle the water pressure in a greater way.

They are reasonably priced, which are truly a great solution to your need whenever it comes to vacuuming any liquid or water. So, why don’t you try one right away?

What does a wet/dry vacuum do?

Wet dry vacuum cleaners really make the cleaning job easier for you as they are truly affordable and energy efficient machine. As the name hints, it is a specialized tool to clean up liquid spills. But it doesn’t mean that the cleaner is useless for dust or any other solid specks of dirt. Basically, it can be considered as an all-purpose vac.

One great thing is that it doesn’t matter where is it being used. It can be used for dry messes, wet spills or at any sort of delicate surfaces. This is exactly why you need to have a clear concept of its usage if you are going to by one for you or you already have one.

The wet-dry vacuum cleaner which is also known as just a wet vacuum is designed pretty simply. There are two buckets in it for separating the solid particles from the liquid ones.

There is also an intake port to suck in all the wastes and move it through a tube with the other wastes. While all the dirt is being sucked in, the airflow decreases that loosens the air grip on the particles. As a result, the heavier dirt fall into the buckets.

The air current that remains afterwards, gets sucked up by a motorized fan and channels it through the exhaust port.

As the debris and dirt get fused inside the bucket’s liquid, the exhausted air contains fewer dirt compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner. Besides, the blower function that is present in most of the wet vacs, allows the device to expel or draw in air rapidly. This comes handy when you have to clean a pile of dust, leaves or other dry vacuuming stuff.

Do water vacuums work?

Yes, definitely they do. Even sometimes they do it much better than a lot other conventional vacuums. However, there are some premium traditional that has a HEPA filtration as well as a sealed system which works wonderfully as any Sebo, Dyson, Shark or Miele vacuums.

These don’t have the drawbacks which is a quite common thing among water vacuums.

Should I remove the filter before vacuuming water?

Check the water filter has been properly positioned while using your wet-dry vacuum cleaner to vacuum a dry area. The filter stops dust from passing the top when you’re vacuuming. You’ll be in need of it.

However, for wet areas, you’ll be required to fully uninstall the filter. Liquids can destroy filters, and if you cough up water before you remove the filter, you might also actually wreck your vacuum.

So, it’s time you remove the filter from your cleaner. But, sometimes you have the chance to keep the filter in its position while you’re on a mission to vacuum a small volume of water. However, when you’re done vacuuming, always rinse your filter thoroughly and let it dry in sunlight to prevent it from mildew.  


In conclusion, the fact that water filtration vacuum cleaners do more of a good job at cleaning there is no doubt. You earn bonus at cleaning the air, which gets processed as well.

After all that is said and done, the water filter vacuums’ problem remains not being manoeuvrable. Also, they cost quite a lot than the regular ones.  But if you can manage more pennies, we recommend you go for a water filter vacuum.

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